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Welcome to KLECT, an innovative online community for collectors!

KLECT, it's on-line catalog software lets you select and identify with a point and click interface of individual collectables and helps you discover items you are looking for.

Our site supports collectors who are looking to inventory, manage, value, buy and sell their collectables.

Value estimates provided as your collection changes.

Users input defines the value and puts the power into the community.

KLECT provides an easy way to catalog and manage your collection from anywhere with Internet access.

Currently we have the following collections:

  • My Little Pony by Hasbro
  • US Airmail Stamps
  • US Postage Stamps
  • Comic Books
  • Matchbox Cars
  • She-Ra Action Figures

We are constantly updating our site with new and deeper data to allow collectors to enjoy the richness of their collection.

KLECT works on any web enabled operating system (Mac, PC, Linux, Android, iPhone, etc). It is a must for any collector looking to track and value their collection. A great tool for new collectors too.

KLECT is free to sign up and use!

Events and Updates

02 Aug 2015

KLECT is still free to use and up and running! While it has been a while for some news, know that I will be adding additional countries for stamp collectors, Boy Scout patches and anything you want to email in and suggest!!
Thank you for the continued support!

17 Jun 2012

MLP Collectors, make sure you visit the 2012 MLP Fair in Florida this year! Tickets are still available. Check out show details at : http://www.mylittleponycon.com/
We always love this show!

14 Feb 2012

KLECT loves our users and announces the expansion of free services in the site! Now users can apply custom photos to their collection and now all users can post items for sale or buy items in the Marketplace. Other features such as the condition of an item being displayed on the image, wishlists and alerts all continue to be provided to users securely and for no charge!

25 Jul 2011

KLECT included in the 100th Anniversary Show for My Little Pony Talk! Congratulations from KLECT on reaching 100 shows, it is our pleasure to participate and contribute. Click here to check out their show!Read more...

7-8 July 2011

KLECT will be again participating at this year's MLP Fair. The 2011 MLP Fair is being held at Hasbro's Headquarters in Rhode Island.

7 Apr 2011

KLECT will be debuting at the American Stamp Dealers Association in New York City, April 7-10th. Show details are here.

29 Mar 2011

Austin start-up, KLECT Corp., has begun bridging this gap with the debut of their Airmail catalogue. Their next addition, US Postage stamps, will be debuted at the American Stamp Dealers Association's stamp show in New York City on April 7, 2011. KLECT will provide collectors with a comprehensive place to manage their collections, and enable them to buy and sell in a secure environment.

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