INTO 2014 Collecting!

on Feb 1, 2014 by Ryan Zintgraff

It’s been 3 years since I launched KLECT.com. In that time, I have been amazingly blessed to meet all types of new collectors and attend various collector shows, while continuing my efforts to grow KLECT.
 Some of the milestones and highlights of the past year are:

• KLECT has expanded to more communities. It currently hosts US Stamps, US Air Mail, My Little Pony, She-Ra, Comic books and Football Trading Cards.

• Users can add their own data, and vote on others additions, for all of our communities allowing the completeness for collectors.

• Value voting has been added, allowing everyone to provide input into values by condition.

• KLECT renewed our licensing agreement for Scott #s, allowing our stamp collectors to continue to use the most recognized catalog numbers in the world.

• We had a longer than expected development break as we got a great new developer, Richard, working with us now.

• Our amazing graphics guru, Trigz, has continued to produce great banners and updates for the site and our social media icons.

• Over 1300 users joined KLECT!

• We completed a small crowd funding program that allowed us to incorporate more user input and to grow our database.

On the other hand, progress hasn’t been as rapid as I desired. I’ve had to accept the reality that it takes longer than I anticipated to develop each new collection and community.

So, what’s happening in 2014? I plan to continue to create community hubs for the over 30% of the US population who are actively collecting coins, cards, dolls, action figures-- you name it! However, I can't do it alone. I need your help to spread the word, grow communities and identify features KLECT should provide.

It would be great for you to share KLECT with your other collector friends so KLECT can grow. Also, if you have suggestions for features or ways to see your data, let us know! And we’ll be adding rewards for your participation and ideas!

THANK YOU for using KLECT in 2013. Let’s grow together in 2014!

Ryan Zintgraff

KLECT Premium Membership

on Jul 24, 2011 by Ryan Hollister

I would like to take this opportunity to explain a young but important feature of our site, premium membership. When we first started developing KLECT we focused solely on the core features: collection management, wish list creation, and an extensive catalog. These features, wrapped in a secure, easy to use, and friendly interface took the better part of 6 months. I continue to focus on improving these features even as new features are rolled out. Once we had these features at a mature state we began working on more advanced features.

The first premium feature we rolled out was the KLECT marketplace. In this marketplace you are able to buy and sell your collectibles. Buying from the KLECT marketplace is free, all we require is a shipping address so the sellers know where to send your item. As a member, if you wish to sell one of your collectibles you are required to have a premium membership. Currently a KLECT premium membership is $6.00 a month or $24.00 every 6 months. We strongly believe this is an excellent value compare to the big player in this space, eBay. There are no insertion fees or final value fees. On top of the better price we believe our value is the selling format.

Did you know, when you list an item in the KLECT marketplace, everyone who has that item on his or her wish list is notified of the new listing? With KLECT's advanced filtering system, users are able to quickly find the item they are looking for. There is no need to worry about misspellings or listing expirations either. You are able to leverage KLECT's extensive catalog and only need to fill in the details specific to your item. With a few clicks your item is visible in the KLECT marketplace!

The marketplace was the first premium feature, it was received well by out members and we currently have over 50 items listed in the marketplace with new ones being added each day. The latest feature we just rolled out for our premium members is custom images. KLECT's catalog is pretty extensive and is growing all the time. As we continue to add items to the marketplace, we try to keep up with the matching images. Unfortunately this isn't always possible. The custom images feature allows your upload your own images for your items. With a few clicks you can have KLECT's stock images replaced with your custom images. These images are visible only to you and are not shared with other members. Custom images can be uploaded for any of the items in KLECT's catalog, not just the ones without images. Custom images are a great way to put a personal touch to your collection.

Those are the two main features of premium membership today. We are quickly rolling out new features to make it even more of a value. We are honest and forth coming people, and want you to know canceling your membership at any time is even easier than subscribing. With one click your membership is cancel. No calling in and no minimum commitments. On top of that, we offer a free 30-day trial! What are you waiting for? Give the KLECT membership a try. In addition to getting those great features, you will also be supporting our continued growth :-)

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One Year of KLECT

on Jul 10, 2011 by Ryan Zintgraff

Wow! One year flies by and what a year it has been. At this time last year we launched KLECT.com and debut the site at the My Little Pony fair in Louisville KY. At that time I showed up to a room full of passionate collectors, as an outsider and honestly just a bit nervous. Well that fist day went great as collectors realized that even if I am a stamp collector instead of a pony collector, the passion and commitment were the same, and that we had reflected that in our design. It also didn't hurt that i could cite my daughter and sister as collectors either. By the end of the weekend, 77 new accounts existed and we were underway. Also, I had made a new group of friends.

Over the next several months, we worked to add data. We had gone live with only the G1 Ponies, about 400 or so. Our site allowed you to build your collection, filter, identify and get a valuation. Not bad, but I knew we were going to do, and needed to do more. Our user base started to grow as users started telling others and we stared getting emails with ideas and suggestions. I was blown away when 3 months into it we started seeing accounts from users in other countries show up too! Keep on mind we haven't advertised, this was viral! The feedback we were getting too was great. We started surveying users on how we could make the site better, and which features should be next. About 6 months later we had added both G3 and G4 data. We also launched the Marketplace, an addition that let's users post items for sale, and alerts potential buyers when it posts. Users liked the idea, but it wasn't an instant hit as we needed to add some additional features still. At that time, we also launched into the US Airmail and US Postage stamp communities. I had the opportunity to debut that at the ASDA stamp show in New York, and since in some smaller regional shows. Our user base continued to grow!

This week, we added G2 data, again thanks to Summer, and added the user feedback feature so buyers and sellers could see ratings and help them decide in their purchase decisions. We added custom photo option that premium members can use to upload their own images to their inventory. Superimposed initials on images in a members dashboard is also new and is a great help in quickly seeing the differences of your items. Our invite a friend was included to let users tell their friends and they will gain some referral points as we develop that further. Might be some free swag or even site credits.

So with all these new features, how are we doing? We broke past 1000 total users, over 51,000 inventories items and are starting to have more items posted in the Marketplace. More importantly, we continue to listen. This week at the 2011 MLP fair hosted at Hasbro, I had the chance to re-connect with so many of our users, meet new friends, bit also get some great feedback. As before, we will take all of this back to the lab and see how we can cook up more features that will continue to augment the collectors toolbox. I know, as a user too, I am excited about some of the ideas!

From a business perspective, we continue to operate as a start-up, but are looking for the right financial partner to help us grow. We. Also are looking to add more collection data to our existing communities, and look for collector communities to add to KLECT. What an amazing first year. We couldn't have had this without the support and help of our users and for that I say Thank You All!

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ASDA Show in NYC

on Apr 11, 2011 by Ryan Zintgraff

I just am returning from having debuted KLECT at the 2011 American Stamp Dealers Show in New York City from April 6-10th and it was a great experience. KLECT was able to debut for stamp collectors and stamp dealers alike. Stamp collectors visiting our booth like that they do not have to download any software, and can do stamp inventory from their Mac/Apple, PC iPad or other devices that permit them web access! I personally was able to use it while I walked about the sales and using my KLECT Stamp dashboard, make sure I knew what to look for and not buy duplicates of things I already have. I think stamp collectors liked even more was the fact it is free to use for inventory management, general valuation of their collection and to find stamps they are looking for.

Many collectors took the time to walk through the simplicity of adding stamps to their collection, seeing how to make a wishilist and general review of stamp history and stamp facts. KLECT.com was a big hit with all the kids that came by as they can use it, with their parents permission, to learn and identify stamps and start a stamp collection. They also liked the small magnifiers I was handing out too. Parents liked that it is safe and secure, not allowing any chat or communications. The advanced philatelists recognized that KLECT helps bring stamp collecting to the next generation in familiar format and helps pass on the history and continue the philatelic community.

More senior Philatelists like that they can better understand the value of their collection and zero in on stamps they are looking for. Some great feedback was shared as KLECT currently has US Airmail and US Postage as single stamps. Quite a bit of interest was in adding Plate Block, line pairs and covers, servicing again, but the beginner and advanced philatelists. Stamp Collectors all genuinely wanted to know how KLECT could provide inventory management for free and when I explained that the $6 monthly subscription for users that want to post stamps for sale is how we run the site. Almost ever stamp collector that had ever posted stamps for sale on other site, recognized instantly that we offered a hassle free and direct approach with our flat fee subscription model.

KLECT is working to pilot a program with other ASDA dealers to provide a portal where dealers can bulk load listings of stamps they are selling, and therefore leverage the wishlist alerts and help stamp collectors find wanted stamps even faster and with more variety. Also, the ability to provide users with some new features since I got some great ideas from several stamp collectors that we will try and implement for them soon!

Overall, the show was great. I got to meet and get to know some great stamp dealers, ASDA members and stamp collectors from the beginning collector to some very knowledgeable and amazing philatelists. Thank you all for such a great time.

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Welcome to the KLECT blog

on Apr 7, 2011 by Ryan Hollister

Thank you taking a moment to check out KLECT.com and even this first blog entry. My name is Ryan Hollister and I am the web developer of this site. Right now KLECT is a very barebones operation, with my partner Ryan Zintgraff and I wearing all the hats. As with any young business, we hope to some day move KLECT into an office and hire lots of smart people. Until those days arrive, we work from home in our spare time.

We decided to make KLECT because we saw a need and had a passion. The need was evident from the lack of modern software to manage and inventory the various collectables out there. The passion stemmed from being collectors ourselves. I would like to take this space as an informal way to explain what KLECT is today, what features we currently have and what features we plan to roll out in the coming months.

It is simple to create a KLECT account. You go to the home page and click the yellow "Sign Up" button and complete the requested field. That’s it. Once logged in, your current collection will be display. Obviously since it is your first time logging into the system it is empty. You can quickly add your collection by navigating to the "Add Collection" button on the right side bar. This page will present you with our current catalog. There are hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of items in our catalog. You can browse our catalog one page at a time by using the page navigation buttons at the top of the screen. If you would like to learn more about an item, simply click the magnifying glass in the bottom right corner of the item's image.

Browsing the catalog is fun but you often come looking for the specific items you own. This is where KLECT really shines. With our rapid filtering feature it is easy to find the item you are looking for, even if you do not know the specific name. Simply begin typing some of the attributes you know about the item you are looking for and hit enter. The listing of items on the left will quickly begin to diminish, leaving only the items that match your search.

You then click the item you wish to add to your collection, optionally add details about the item (condition, purchase price, date acquired, etc) and then hit "Add Collection". The blue check mark will turn green and you will be ready to add your next item.

Now what if you have LOTS of items? Well KLECT is perfect for you. The time it takes to build your collection in KLECT is unmatched. You can click unlimited items before hitting "Add Collection". Select 10, 20, 50, or more items and then hit "Add Collection". This will add all the selected items to your inventory. When you navigate back to your dashboard you will be presented with a beautiful display of your collection.

I hope this gives you a brief introduction to KLECT. Be sure to check back here often as I cover the other exciting features of KLECT.

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Events and Updates

15 JAN 2018

KLECT is still free to use and up and running! New Updates are on the way!! While it has been a while for some news, know that I will be adding additional countries for stamp collectors, Boy Scout patches and anything you want to email in and suggest!!
Thank you for the continued support!

02 Aug 2015

KLECT is still free to use and up and running! While it has been a while for some news, know that I will be adding additional countries for stamp collectors, Boy Scout patches and anything you want to email in and suggest!!
Thank you for the continued support!

17 Jun 2012

MLP Collectors, make sure you visit the 2012 MLP Fair in Florida this year! Tickets are still available. Check out show details at : http://www.mylittleponycon.com/
We always love this show!

14 Feb 2012

KLECT loves our users and announces the expansion of free services in the site! Now users can apply custom photos to their collection and now all users can post items for sale or buy items in the Marketplace. Other features such as the condition of an item being displayed on the image, wishlists and alerts all continue to be provided to users securely and for no charge!

25 Jul 2011

KLECT included in the 100th Anniversary Show for My Little Pony Talk! Congratulations from KLECT on reaching 100 shows, it is our pleasure to participate and contribute. Click here to check out their show!Read more...

7-8 July 2011

KLECT will be again participating at this year's MLP Fair. The 2011 MLP Fair is being held at Hasbro's Headquarters in Rhode Island.

7 Apr 2011

KLECT will be debuting at the American Stamp Dealers Association in New York City, April 7-10th. Show details are here.

29 Mar 2011

Austin start-up, KLECT Corp., has begun bridging this gap with the debut of their Airmail catalogue. Their next addition, US Postage stamps, will be debuted at the American Stamp Dealers Association's stamp show in New York City on April 7, 2011. KLECT will provide collectors with a comprehensive place to manage their collections, and enable them to buy and sell in a secure environment.

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